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Grades & absences

Students can stay on top of their academic progress with convenient grades and absences tracker, empowering them to effortlessly monitor their performance and attendance.

Journal overview

Teachers can easily access class rosters, subject assignments, scheduling details and track students' academic progress, all in a single, user-friendly interface.

Student homework

Students can stay organised, manage assignments, submit tasks online and efficiently track their progress on homework, ensuring academic success with ease.

Student lessons

Students can have a deeper understanding of each lesson through detailed overviews, lesson plans and class materials, giving them all the necessary resources to excel in their studies.

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Notifications & notes
Notifications & notes

Students receive instant updates on important deadlines, upcoming events, grade postings and schedule changes, ensuring they are always in the loop and well-prepared.

Alarm bell
Alarm bell

Helps teachers detect and address potential study problems in students promptly, enabling timely intervention and personalised assistance to maximise students' academic growth and success.

Consent management
Consent management

Parents have the option to provide consent for the processing of their child's personal data for specific purposes. If the consent request is not confirmed, it is considered equivalent to refusal.

Course choices & optional courses
Course choices & optional courses

Students can explore a wide range of courses, customise their academic path, and expand their knowledge in areas of personal interest.

Learning outcomes
Learning outcomes

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills they will acquire in each lesson, align their learning goals, and track their progress towards achieving targeted outcomes.

Event registration
Event registration

Students can discover school events, workshops, extracurricular activities and more, effortlessly sign up, and ensure their spot to enhance their overall educational experience.

Messaging app
Messaging app

Enables teachers, students, and parents to stay connected, exchange important updates, share resources, and build a strong educational partnership.

Deep integrations
Deep integrations

Schools can migrate tools like Opiq, Eduten and Untis to eKool platform, leveraging the combined benefits of these integrations for a more seamless user experience.

Always connected through Messaging

Stay engaged and collaborate seamlessly with eKool's Messaging feature.

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Effortlessly gather opinions with Polls, share important school news through Announcements, and stay connected with our powerful Messaging feature.

       Polls. Enabling students to share their opinions on diverse topics concerning school policies, programs, and activities.

       Announcements. Keeping students and parents informed about the latest news, updates, and events taking place at the school.

       Messaging. Encouraging collaboration between students and teachers by providing a platform for easy sharing of ideas, documents, and resources.

How it benefits families?

eKool lets children thrive while keeping parents informed and engaged in their child's educational journey.

mKool Tasks, Lessons, Timetable
Stay organised

Our app helps children stay organised by providing a centralised location for all the needed information.

mKool grades view
Stay involved

By staying engaged in your child's education, you can contribute to improved academic performance.

mKool grade statistics
Stay accountable

It helps children take responsibility for their learning by tracking their progress and providing regular updates on their performance.

mKool weekly report
Stay informed

Regular updates from teachers can help you identify any potential learning difficulties your child may be experiencing.

mKool chat feature
Stay connected

Children can use the app to message their teachers with questions or concerns about lessons, classes, or anything related to their education.

eKool mobile app

Install eKool on your iOS or Android device to get started.

Discipline module for municipalities and school owners

Provides the opportunity to more effectively monitor school attendance and address the issues of children who have frequent absences.

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eKool provides an environment for managing at-risk students

At-risk students manager

Has the ability to monitor student attendance in schools, identifying those with an unexplained absence rate exceeding 20% and seeking clarifications from the school. This role empowers the manager to initiate individual student cases in response to school requests, appoint support specialists from their colleagues, and oversee the actions taken to support the student.

Appointed support specialist

Receives the assigned case, interacts with the student, records notes (actions, measures), and uploads documents. The appointed support specialist can access documents related to the student and shared with the local government, as well as school notes, the student's report card, and the contact information of the student and their parents.

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Marek Schapel, Head of Studies, Kuressaare School of EducationMarek Schapel

eKool is a highly efficient educational information system that efficiently consolidates student information with its extensive capabilities. Thanks to its centralised data and convenient accessibility for both families and schools, we have long replaced traditional paper-based class and student journals. As we continue to explore the system's diverse features, we consistently discover new ways in which eKool optimises our time management. We extend our sincerest gratitude to the dedicated developers of eKool.

Marek Schapel
Marek Schapel, Head of Studies, Kuressaare School of Education
Juta Hirv, Development Manager & Siim Luha, eKool Administrator, Tallinn 21st SchoolJuta Hirv

We like that eKool allows the entire school community to stay updated on teachers' schedules, so everyone knows when to reach out if needed. In addition, students, teachers, and parents always have an overview of all important matters, whether it's absences from school, received grades, or even borrowed books from the library. The option to register for elective courses through eKool promotes smooth collaboration between schools.

Juta Hirv
Juta Hirv, Development Manager & Siim Luha, eKool Administrator, Tallinn 21st School
Vello Uustalu, IT Manager, Pärnu Koidula GymnasiumVello Uustalu

eKool has been a reliable and professional partner for Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium for 18 years. This Learning Information System provides our school with a wide range of necessary functionalities that are essential for the daily management of our State Gymnasium. We are pleased with the many professional features of the eKool system and look forward to future system developments in order to keep the service provided by eKool at a top level.

Vello Uustalu
Vello Uustalu, IT Manager, Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium

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Base package
Attachment of files and lesson types to lesson descriptions
Student-submitted homework displayed by name
Point-based assessment
Formative (verbal) assessment report
Integration with EHIS, Untis, Opiq, RIKS, ELIIS, and the school card system
File upload capacity up to 100MB
Customer support with a response time within 48h
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Everything from Base +
Standard package
Alarm bell (helps to detect and address potential study problems in students)
Learning outcomes portfolio
Student choices in curriculum
School event registration
File upload capacity up to 200MB
Priority customer support with a response time within 24h via contact.ekool.eu
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